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How Totes Amazin! was born…

I found a free pattern online for a tote bag, made one and brought it into work to show it off to my colleagues. I got my first commissions and one of my colleagues came up with the name Totes Amazin! and so the brand was born.

It has taken many years to get to the stage of selling through fairs and I had my first stall at Rhu & Shandon Gala day earlier in the summer 2023.

I try to use deadstock fabric where possible but if I see a fabric I really like then I will buy it (just don’t tell my husband that I have bought more 😉).

I also have collaborated with one of the local upholsterers who has given me off-cuts from her projects. Now that I have a semi-industrial sewing machine I can sew thicker fabrics like sailcloth and I am developing my nautical range using donated boat sails.