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I make a variety of decorative items, most of which are or contain some kind of critter, I also make smokefired bowls and spheres.

I do this because the combination of clay and fire is nothing short of magical; your imagination and skill are the only limit to what a lump of what is basically mud can be turned into, and the alchemy of fire is a source of constant anticipation, joy, and occasionally disappointment – you never quite know what will come out of that kiln.

I’ve named it Fuchur (the luck dragon in the Never-ending Story). My smoke firings are even less predictable and take place in a metal bin called Enenra (a mythical personification of smoke and shadow so it seemed appropriate).

I do not use moulds other than for the basic sphere or half sphere shape – everything I make is hand built and although a group of, say, sheep I might make will be alike, no two are ever completely the same.

Upcoming Fairs

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