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Hi there, my name is Caera and I am the creator behind FanCybands.

I am an ex-Merchant Navy Engineer, now currently with feet firmly shoreside and working within the Maritime teaching industry.  

Art has been a lifelong passion for me, starting from doodles on the margins of textbooks to now crafting colourful pieces that capture the essence of fun, joy and happiness. It is not just about the art – it is very much about the journey. I believe in self-expression and hope to inspire you to embrace your creativity too!

I started creating hair pieces and jewellery as a hobby until it peeked the interest of others. I then looked into sharing my creations with others and the rest of the story is still ongoing.. 

If you are interest in something custom made please do reach out.

Upcoming Fairs

FanCybands will be attending the following fairs: