2024 Midsummer Fair – Act 5

Helensburgh and Lomond Artisans Association (HLAA) - Logo for the 5th 2024 Midsummer Craft Fair

17th Aug 2024

11 'til 2

@The Park Pavilion

Hermitage Park,
14 E Montrose St,
G84 7EP
On-site Parking
Entry: FREE

…not a mouse 
Shall disturb this hallowed house.
I am sent with broom before,
To sweep the dust behind the door.

Midsummer Night’s Dream: Act 5, Scene 1

Don’t feel bad that it’s our fifth and final Midsummer Fair at the Park Pavilion in the Hermitage Park – we have plenty of other fairs throughout the year!

Take the opportunity to soak up the last of the summer’s sunshine, enjoy an ice-cream and buy unique, hand-made gifts from our super, talented crafters.

Attending HLAA Members