Hand knitted, lavender baby outfit - by Valtos Hand Knits

Valtos Hand Knits

Hi, my name is Sue and I am a retired midwife living in a small village on the banks of Loch Lomond.

I loved working with babies and little people and having spent my professional career around families I turned to my other passion in lifeā€¦.my hand knitting.

I love knitting for little people using bright colours and lots of different designs/patterns. My inspiration is seeing what I can produce from 2 needles and a ball of yarn and I love seeing the finished product.

I knit purely as a hobby and am fortunate to have met up with some very talented crafters who share my passion for creating things. You can see my work at the local craft fairs or via my Facebook page Valtos Handknits.

Valtos Hand Knits

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