Art by LC

Having worked as a sculptor for almost two decades, and with public sculptures in West Mersea, Essex & Helensburgh Outdoor Museum, it is something of a surprise to find myself now working exclusively in 2D. But painting was my first love and gives me now such pleasure, and it feels as if there is a close connection between the abstract sculptures I used to create, and the abstract paintings I do now.

Paintings are created step by step, never looking too far ahead, and with no advance planning, just consideration of what the painting ‘needs’ next, and which medium to use. It is a slow meditative process – I do spend a lot of time watching paint dry – but hugely satisfying. Inspiration often starts from the colours I see around me in nature and in the landscape, and a painting can come together quickly, or may take several days of adding, observing, adding, observing. Each painting is original and unique, with no copies or prints made.

These paintings work very well as a contrasting or complementary splash of colour in a room, or where a focal point is needed, and I can make specific colours or sizes to order – just have a chat with me about what you’re looking for. Since the first lockdown I have been donating all proceeds from my art to either CHAS or Ukraine.