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I like a good rummage round a charity shop and on hearing the effect a single pair of jeans can have on our environment I started to think about how a pair of ‘pre-loved’ jeans could be ‘revisited’ in a different and more sustainable way.

My aim is to re-purpose good quality “pre-loved” jeans, otherwise headed for landfill, and contribute is a small way to bring about a positive impact on our environment.

By purchasing an item from Jeans Revisited you too are adding to the positive effect and we can as a community work towards making a better planet for future generations.

We all have a small part to play and by making reusable items out of “pre-loved” jeans is my way.

  • All items are made from denim and/or denim effect jeans in various shades and textures, all sourced locally in Helensburgh
  • All threads and any trims or padding also sourced locally in Helensburgh
  • If you are interested in learning more about the environmental impact, there are many articles available online