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We are Helensburgh Soapy Suds, a small business who started in April of 2020.

We started with making homemade soap as, during the start of the first Lockdown, good soap was like gold dust and, due to us having eczema and bad skin since birth, the cheap stuff was making it worse.

We made a loaf of soap, found it worked great for us and didn’t cause any breakouts! After a while a few family friends and friends of friends asked to buy some, and it sort of exploded from there. 

We have always been a little different, nerdy and alternative and wanted our products to reflect that so we started going to comic book conversations with our range of nerdy bathbombs and soaps and have been there as often as we can!

We feel we have a more alternative and unique theme with our products, picking scents and styles that aren’t common for soaps or bathbombs that people seem to love! 

Upcoming Fairs

Helensburgh Soapy Suds will be attending the following fairs: