I had enough of being in a big company and not wanting to get up for work in the morning and thought there had to be more to life. I took a gamble and purchased an industrial grade laser and set to work on what I call laser crafting. I work with many different materials ranging from leather, card, glass, slate and plastic although I have to say that wood is my favourite material.

It started very small by making gifts and selling them at craft fairs and slowly my business increased as people saw what I was making and realised that I could customise it to suit their taste just by asking. I now supply a small number of outlets and love to help people bring their ideas to life.

I had a small sauna in the garden that got converted into my little workshop which I quickly renamed the “Sweat Shop” and finished my journey by adopting a rescue dog from the SPCA in Glasgow and his name is Harvey 😊

I hope you like what I make and if you would like anything made to order or personalised then please drop Harvey and I an email.

Thanks for reading my wee journey back to sanity

Linda & Harvey